Facial Retreat


Signature Facial 


Hydrates and firms thirsty skin

Consider this facial a dive in the pool for your skin! Dulled by the city’s pollution, free radicals, and hours in the sun, this purifying powerful facial refreshes and recharge your skin with algae extract, honey extract and spiraea ulmaria flower extract to bring out a more youthful complexion.

65 mins


An IG famous HydraFacial . 

HydraFacial uses patented vortex-fusion technology to cleanse, extract, and hydrate. It minimises pores with an exfoliating salicylic acid and removes impurities while simultaneously delivering hydrating skin solution with moisturising hyaluronic acid, firming peptides and detoxifying antioxidants.

This powerful HydraFacial 3 steps naturally

detoxifies and protects skin from environmental free-radicals. A regular treatment every 3 weeks is recommended to maintain a healthy skincare penetration. 

65 mins


An age reverse magic

A skin consultation, deep cleansing, followed by a magical work on the face massage with your chosen ampoules which helps to release the muscle tension in the face, jaw, neck and shoulder.


We use luxurious ampoules to boost skin cell metabolism to feed and energize the skin. Repairs and restores skin barrier for a younger looking complexion.

65 mins


Simple, your face needs her exercise too!

LPG Endermologie Cellu M6 ground-breaking technique acts like a mechanical massage, using a propreitary rolling motion, to targeted areas of the face.


This helps to stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage, aid the removal of toxins and excess fluid from the tissue, and decrease water retention, while simultaneously encouraging the renewal of collagen production to help tighten and smooth loose skin. For optimum results, a treatment course is recommended.

70 mins


For the very sensitive skin. 
An essential deep cleanse and a full facial massage followed by a hydrating mask that is specially formulated to soothe the sensitive skin to reduce redness. 

Lie back and relax as toxins and bacteria flee your skin, leaving you free from inflammation and future flare-ups. 

65 mins


Includes all the essentials, an instant lift gua sha technique using rose quartz and a facial massage performed by our trained skin expert.


Every skin type and age can be benefited with better circulation, toxin and fascia release, and enhanced natural hydration. This incredibly indulgent treatment allows you to relax and sink into your parasympathetic nervous system. This results a plumping and brighten youthful and healthy appearance.

70 mins


Advanced Facial 專業修復面部護理


Ultrasound wave lift is a non-surgical treatment of the face, neck and décolletage that uses powerful ultrasound waves to stimulate a gradual remodelling and lifting effect, without disrupting the surface of the skin.

By stimulating the body's natural renewal pathways and collagen production, the regenerative effect of the treatment should manifest over several months, working to achieve a natural-looking result. The treatment can be ideal for those who are not surgical candidates and desire discreet ways to enhance their looks. A treatment every three to six months is recommended. 

65 mins


Our facial rejuvenation employs the regenerative and lifting effects of ultrasound energy waves targeting all layers of the face, from the superficial epidermis to the deeper muscular layers. Results are expected to get you ready and shine for your special occasion. 

65 mins


Our YAG laser powerfully treats the surface of the skin to reduce pigmentation, sun spots, freckles or melasma, while creating microscopic channels allowing for greater absorption of the hydration mask in the final step.

60 mins


Our YAG laser energy penetrates deep into the dermis to stimulate collagen production, deeply cleaning the skin by vaporizing debris from the skin's surface, delivering a result of tightening the pores.

60 mins


Our YAG laser powerfully treats the surface of the skin to rejuvenate skin cells and stimulate collagen while creating microscopic channels allowing for greater absorption of the hydration mask in the final step.

60 mins


A FDA cleared device with the latest 4D™ technology, combining Multi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF) and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF) is used to stimulate the subdermal collagen productions and elastin fibers, allowing skin to become healthier, firmer and refined. It is an non-invasive reverse aging retreat.

70 mins


We uses Intense Pulse Light (IPL) energy to penetrate deep into the dermis to stimulate collagen production while also targeting unwanted pigmentation and deeply cleaning the skin by vaporizing debris from the skin's surface and from within your pores. This treatment targets redness, pigment, inflammation and bacteria, resulting in a clearer, brighter and tighter skin!

70 mins

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